Some Tips For Your First Date

So you are taking a girl out for the first time and you want to know how to make a great impression. There is no shortage of first date ideas out there to choose from, but some are much better than others. Where you choose to take the girl says a lot about who you are and what you think about her. Picking the perfect place is akin to walking on a tightrope. If you go too fancy she will think you are just trying to show off, but if you take her to a drive-thru you can kiss your chances of a second date goodbye.

Sending the Right Message

There are no one size fits all first date ideas that are right for every situation. Every scenario is unique, and the venue should be chosen specifically to suit the message you hope to send. Remember, your initial time together is supposed to give the two of you a chance to talk and get to know each other. Dinner is such a popular choice because it allows for casual conversation over a shared meal. The simplicity is what makes it so effective.

Many guys choose first date ideas that express something about who they are. Along this vein, you could take a girl to a restaurant you and your family always went to when you were young, and for a walk in a park you enjoy spending time in. The idea here is to reveal a piece of yourself through the venue.

Do Not Overdo It

A lot of guys think taking a girl to the best restaurant in town is the way to go but this could easily backfire. The formality of the restaurant may make her uncomfortable, and it may look like you are trying to let the restaurant make an impression that you are incapable of making yourself. Choose a place that you and your companion will be comfortable in. This will allow you to both let your guard down and enjoy each other’s company.

Rather than spending a lot of money, consider first date ideas that involve a bit of creativity. Take her to a little known ethnic restaurant and a spoken-word poetry performance. This type of out of the box thinking will show her that you are thoughtful and interesting. If you can incorporate something she is interested in into the date, like catching a contemporary ballet performance, this is even better.

Easy on the Romance

Women love romance, but this is a new relationship, and making it too romantic can be construed as assumptive on your part. The first couple dates are when you figure out if there is any chemistry between the two of you. It is great to pour on the romance once an emotional connection has formed, but doing so right out of the gate is a mistake.

Great first date ideas are casual, creative and provide the two of you with a chance to talk openly with each other. Make sure you can tick off these three boxes when making your first-date plans. Read the obsession phrases reviews for more tips.

Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has become an all-important element of comprehensive health and fitness in the present busy world, and its benefits are overwhelming. If you are an enthusiastic yoga practitioner, you have probably noticed several yoga benefits maybe you are having peaceful nights or getting no back pains or feeling more composed and at ease.Yoga is useful and beneficial in dealing with the modern lifestyle. It has a natural healing power, so hold on, I want to share the health benefits of yoga with you.

Benefits of Yoga

Improves blood circulation and boosts the immune system

Yoga improves your blood circulation. The exercises you get in yoga help your blood flow, particularly in your arms and feet. Proper circulation of blood ensures enough oxygen supply to your blood cells. Twisting postures are considered to squeeze out unoxygenated blood from body organs and permit circulation oxygenated blood at the moment the twist is lifted. Inverted poses, for example, headstand, or shoulder stand, encourage unoxygenated blood from the lower parts of the body to circulate back to the heart and pumped to lungs to be oxygenated again. This is helpful if your legs swell as a result of kidney or heart disorder. Yoga also raises the level of blood cells, which supply oxygen to other body parts.The different yoga postures improve lymph drainage which aids the lymphatic system to fight infections and dispose of toxins thus boosting the immune system.

Improves flexibility and perfects your posture

Among the first, most obvious health benefits of yoga is improved flexibility. During your first session, probably you will be unable to touch the toes, but don’t mind just do a backbend. If you keep practicing, you will notice a continuous loosening, and finally, apparently challenging poses will become easy and possible. You will most likely, also see that pains and aches start to fade. That is not a coincidence. The pains might have been a result of tight hips straining knees due to the inappropriate alignment of the thigh or shinbones. When the muscles become more flexible, most of your body parts will be aligned in the right way thus improving perfecting your posture.

Yoga helps in weight loss

Yoga classes done for at least one hour and 3 to 5 times a week will yield to effective weight loss. Yoga also keeps people in harmony with their bodies making them of aware of harmful habits, such as eating because of depression or boredom. This is among the greatest health benefits of yoga because it protects you from all the health conditions associated with obesity.

Builds strong muscles and prevent joint breakdown

Strong muscles not only look good, but they also prevent health conditions like arthritis, and assist to avoid falls in aged people. You also balance the strength you build through yoga with flexibility. Contrary to a situation where you just go to gym to lift weights, you will probably acquire the strength expense of flexibility. I am sure you now understand why health benefits of yoga are exceptional.

Improves bone health and protects your spine

Studies prove that weight-lifting practices strengthens bones and helps fight osteoporosis. These postures strengthen bones which are more exposed to osteoporotic fractures.

The health benefits of yoga are inexhaustible. However, those addressed here are among the most common. As I conclude, I want to recommend you read the Yoga Burn review for those seeking an effective program.

Quick and Easy Fat Loss Tips

Let’s be honest losing weight is a real challenge for most folks. Between our demanding lifestyles and less than stellar eating habits, the battle of the bulge is one that a good many of us lose.

While a well thought out nutrition and exercise program, such as the fat diminisher system, is the best remedy for getting rid of that spare tire and those thunder thighs, not everybody has the time for that level of commitment. Below I am going to offer some easy to implement tips that you can start following today to start losing weight.

not losing weight

Filtered Water, Green Tea & Lemon Juice

These are the only liquids you should be drinking. Achieving an adequate calorie deficit is hard enough when you’re not drinking calories. Soda, fruit juice, energy drinks, etc. are all loaded with calories and sugars. Even ‘healthy’ beverages like orange juice are very high in sugar and you’d be well advised to avoid them when trying to lose weight.

Take the Stairs

The modern conveniences we’ve all become accustomed to have made us dreadfully lazy. People take any opportunity to conserve their energy when they should be doing the opposite. Moving and walking as much as possible throughout the day will burn a lot of extra calories over the course of a year. Take the stairs, walk to the mailbox, walk the dog anything you can think of that gets you off of your behind for a few minutes will help.

Put the Fork Down and Step Away from the Pasta

Let’s face it we’re all serious ‘carboholics’ these days. Bread, pasta, rice, cereal, oats, corn and the like are loaded with dietary carbohydrates. Carbohydrates require the release of insulin to be processed by the body. Insulin is a storage hormone that facilitates fat storage and halts fat burning. You don’t have to eliminate carbohydrates, but reducing them significantly, especially in the evening meal, is a good idea.


Many of us live fairly stressful lives these days. Stress causes the endocrine system to release hormones many of those hormones increase fat storage. Make some time each day to relax and unwind a bit. This is good for fat loss and for life in general. Stress is the silent killer, and controlling it is crucial to maintain a healthy body weight and a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep On It

Your body (and mind) requires 7-8 hours of sound restful sleep each night to operate efficiently and recover from daily activities. Poor sleeping habits and obesity are very closely linked. If you suffer from insomnia, talk to your doctor about possible solutions. Even if you have to take prescription sleeping pills to get your rest it’s better than the alternative of not sleeping.
Get Fat to Get Lean

For those of you who still think dietary fat is unhealthy it’s time to read some nutritional information that’s not 30 years old. Once blamed for nearly every health condition under the Sun, dietary fat is actually crucial for good health even saturated fat is not the ‘dietary devil’ it has been made out to be. Eating 25-30% of your calorie from healthy fat sources like nuts, avocados, fish, Greek yogurt, olive oil, coconut, palm and similar foods promotes a healthy metabolism, a strong immune system, and healthy hormone levels.

Tips For Having Healthy Eyes

It’s often said that one’s eyes act as the window to their soul, therefore it’s important to take good care of them always. When your eyeballs, also known as sclera, are bright and flawless then you’ll look younger more alert and well looked after. On the other hand, red, itchy eyes occur when an individual is not having sufficient sleep, essential fluids or leads a bad lifestyle which causes eye strain. Maintaining clean, white eyes is easy provided you know the correct steps to take.

1. Eat natural nutritious foods. Carrots are definitely good for the eyes, taking a diet that’s rich in fruits and vegetables especially dark leafy greens like spinach, kale and collard greens is effective in keeping the eyes in good form. Research also shows that there are numerous eye-health benefits that one can get from taking fish rich in omega-3 acids such as tuna, salmon and halibut.Exercise and maintain a balanced weight. Being obese greatly increases your chances of contracting diabetes, or other related systemic conditions which can trigger visual loss such as glaucoma or diabetic eye syndrome.

2. Wear protective eyewear. Always put on protective eyeglasses when playing outdoor sports or performing other related activities. They help in protecting your eyes from direct sunlight which can otherwise cause damage. Most protective eyeglasses are made from polycarbonate material, which is about 10 times stronger compared to other standard plastics. You can find these products in most sports merchandise stores, some eyecare providers also sell them at very affordable rates. Apart from being a great fashion accessory, the sunglasses most important function is protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays. When buying them, always look for the ones which are guaranteed to block out 99-100% of both UV-A & UV-B radiation.

3. Quit smoking or better yet don’t even start. This activity is bad for both your eyes and the whole body. Scientific research also shows that can heighten the risks of contracting macular degeneration, optic nerve disorder and cataract all of which can cause blindness.

4. Rest your eyes every so often. If you are the kind of person who spends more time behind the computer, then set some time aside to rest your eyes so that they don’t become fatigued. Try the famous 20-20-20 thumb rule. After every 20min, look away from the PC about 20ft in front for at least 20 seconds. This will help in reducing eyestrain.

5. Clean your hands before touching the eyes. It helps one avoid the eye infections, also remember to wash your hands thoroughly before wearing or taking out your contact lenses. Disinfect the contact lenses if possible as instructed by an optician and replace them accordingly.

6. Practice eye safety at your workplace. Employers must provide a conducive work environment to their workers at all times. When protective-eyewear is necessary as a part of one’s job description, as is the case with welders, make an effort of wearing them more often and encourage other co-workers to do so as well.

Follow these simple tips for good eye health and your sight will never be problematic again, the good thing is that these steps are practical and can easily be incorporated into your everyday life.

How To Take Care of Your Eyes

I developed an eye problem when I was eleven years old and since then I have been on contact lenses for the better part of my life. To avoid such a situation like mine it is important to learn how to take good care of our eyes.Protecting your eyesight is the most important thing you can do to help maintain the quality of life considering the risk of vision loss increases with age.

To protect your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy it important to consider the following simple guide:

1. Have regular check ups for diabetes and high blood pressure. Our bodies are prone to many diseases and both diabetes and high blood pressure can cause damage to our eyes if not treated early.

2. Do not smoke. People who smoke are at greater risk of developing age-related macular degeneration and cataracts and dry eye syndrome and diabetic retinopathy. Cataract is clouding of the eye`s natural lens and is a leading cause of blindness among the smokers.Research shows that more than 50% of Americans will have cataracts or have had surgery to remove it.

3. Visit an optician after every two years. A comprehensive eye exam will determine your risk for major eye diseases as well as ensure that your prescription for eyeglasses is up to date.Diseases such as diabetic retinopathy have no early signs.

4. Protection against harmful UV light. If your eyes are exposed to an excessive amount of UV light over a short while you may experience photokeratitis-sunburn of the eye- which may be painful symptoms include red eyes.Long term exposure to UV light may lead to the development of cataracts and may cause damage to the retina.

5. Always eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eating fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of developing macular degeneration.Foods rich in antioxidants are helpful in reducing the risk of cataract and are mainly found in dark green vegetables and fruits.Foods rich in vitamin A are helpful too in reducing infections in the eyes.

6. Be aware of Family health history as it may be a contributing factor to eye defects. Find out if any of your family members suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure since they are hereditary in nature.

7. Workout or exercise more frequently. Studies have shown that regular exercise reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by 70%.Most people don’t exercise often and when age catches up it becomes worse.

8. Wear safety glasses when working with tools or when you are participating in active sports such as shooting.This measure prevents eye injuries which may be a result of total vision loss or when in extreme death.

9. Don’t wear contact lenses for too long. Opticians recommend that you should not wear contact lenses for more than 19 hours.This can cause permanent sight damage.Your eyes need regular supply of oxygen which the lenses block.

The measure on how to take care of your eyes may not guarantee perfect vision throughout your life but maintaining proper lifestyle may help in decreasing the development of vision threatening problems that you could have taken care of early when you had a chance.

A few eye exercises

Exercise is important for all parts of the body. It becomes even more necessary to practise eye exercises for conditions such as the lazy eye syndrome, eye strain, light sensitivity, blurred vision, tired eyes, struggles in binocular vision, crossed eyes, double vision and the need to strengthen the eye muscles. The benefits have been said to improve general vision and keep the system healthy.

The exercises involve movements of the eye, focusing of vision, eye muscle strengthening as well as stimulation of the brain’s vision center. Done regularly they will enhance fitness of the eye and improve vision clarity, focusing and tone eye muscles making them stronger.

Some of these exercises include:


This tidies up the optical surface. It sweeps away any debris while flushing a wave of fresh tears over the surface. By doing this, infections are curbed, the ocular surface clears and images become brighter. Nutrients are pulled to the same surface enhancing good healthy eyes.

To perform this exercise you should sit comfortably with eyes open, blink rapidly 10 times, close your eyes and relax about 20 seconds then repeat this 5 times.


This is meant to enhance overall vision as well as tone and strengthen the ocular muscles. It concentrates on near and far viewing. It can be done in a number of ways that allow your vision to shift from near to far objects periodically. An example is to sit in a comfortable position in full view of the outside from a window, focus on your nose tip for 5 to 10 seconds, switch to an object in the horizon for the next 5 to 10 seconds and repeat around 20 times. Finally, close your eyes and relax.


This is meant to momentarily rest both the eyes as well as the mind thereby alleviating strain. It is done by sitting snugly and gently closing the eyes. They are then covered with palms without any exertion of pressure on them. You should hold this position for five minutes or longer. Longer periods yield more relaxation.


This is another great focus enhancing and optical muscle toning workout. Its operational mechanism is in the alternate zooming in and out of an image a couple of times. It works by first comfortably sitting and drawing out your hand with the thumb pointed upwards. Maintain your vision focus on the thumb as you gradually bring it to 3 inches of your face while holding that focus. Hold for a short while and stretch the arm again maintaining focus. This workout can be done a couple of times a day.

Figure eight

This is a muscle flexibility enhancing eye workout. It basically involves eye wrestling with the number 8 playing on both the imagination and movement. You imagine a huge number 8 digit some 10 feet in front of you. Twirl this digit on its side slowly tracing the digit with your eyes. Maintain this for some minutes then turn the digit on the other side.

There are many other eye workouts some of them even yoga based but generally include up and down viewing, sideways and rotational moving and so on. Done a few minutes each day these exercises will improve your optical health.

Vision Correction Exercises

Vision Correction Surgery is a very controversial method of treatment, as much as some medical practitioners insist that eye exercises may help improve one’s eye sight and hence stop use of glasses or contacts there has been no scientific proof showing that this really works. These practitioners claim that these programs can reduce common eye defects such as long sightedness, short sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

For these exercises to improve ones sight it means that they have to alter with the general eye structure and muscles. Most eye defects are caused by the size of one’s eyeball which in turn affects the refraction positions of light that can be either beyond the beyond or before the retina, causing either long or short sightedness. It can also be due to an irregular shaped cornea which causes multiple eye refraction points which leads to stigmatization. Also as one ages the eye muscles become weak and can no longer accommodate the focus of rays causing blurred vision and is referred to as presbyopia. And this is not really possible.
These exercises may help people to maintain good eye sight or improve their eye muscle strength and not really correct defects. Here are some of the exercises that help;

Massaging the eyes; first seat down, close your eyes, put a clean piece of cloth over your eyes using the fingers carefully massage the eyes in slow back and forth motions. This causes the eye muscles to relax and also to gain more elasticity.

Palming; this simply taking a break from work for few minutes and closing your eyes with your elbow on a flat place and palms holding your head. This greatly improves the eyes focus and generally helps soothe the mind.

Blinking; as simple as this seems it helps so much to improve the ability to focus more. Do this after a period of time may be 4-5 times a day seat back and blink severally with a break period of 3-4 seconds.

Focusing; this is really simple take time to focus on a far object for about 2 minutes, slowly shift your sight to something closer to you. Do this about 4 times. This really helps improve the muscles flexibility and strength over time.

Zooming; this can easily be done, put your figure some distance before the eye, slowly bring the figure closer to the eye till it becomes blurred. This greatly helps improve the focus and flexibility of the muscles.

Continuous movements; while sited or comfortably standing move the eyeball from side to side with a rhythmic circular motion; do this continuously for like 1 minute. This really helps in improving the eye muscle flexibility and elasticity.

Tightening the muscles; every now and then close your eyes really tight for some few minutes. This really helps get good focus and avoids blurred vision.

Sunning; this is where with your eyes closed look at a bright light and move the head slowly in circular motion. This comes in handy to improve the pupil dilation.

Tracking; this is simply focusing on a straight edge or object and then following the edge with your eyes. This really improves focus.